Introducing Disc-Connect! Outdoor fun for all ages

DISC-CONNECT – Permanent Outdoor Concrete Connect 4 Discs Game


Doty & Sons is excited to announce the newest addition to our Outdoor Concrete Games line of products, Disc-Connect!

Disc Connect is a permanent, outdoor concrete version of Connect 4. Constructed of concrete supports and an all stainless-steel playing grid. This new product is made to stay, made to play and, most importantly, made to have fun!

Stainless angles secure the game to concrete end supports. Security screws prevent unwanted disassembly.


This new product includes two concrete support structures, one concrete disc catcher, one preassembled stainless-steel playing grid and 42 playing discs. Disc decaling is also available with your company or organization’s logo.

The preassemble playing grid is laser cut and bead blasted for precision and weather resistance. Featured at the bottom of the grid, is a sliding release bar that easily slides to release discs when game is complete. The discs are released into a concrete “collection block” that captures most of the discs.

The playing grid is secured together with tamper resistant security bolts. Tamper resistant screws are also included in the assembly hardware for installing the panel to the concrete supports (Tamper resistant tool included for assembly).

Also available for purchase is a reinforced concrete base with cast in inserts for securing to the base.

The easy slide “release bar” makes is easy to start a new game.
The easy slide “release bar” makes is easy to start a new game.
Slide the release bar left or right to release the disc and start a new game.


Cities, park districts, apartment complexes, and universities across the country know that well-utilized recreation space boosts social ties and reduces crime. Until now, the challenge was to find affordable, low-maintenance outdoor games that appeal to a wide range of ages and require minimal upkeep.

Doty & Sons is offering a solution by introducing the Disc Connect game to its line of permanent, outdoor recreation products. Disc Connect is played by inserting discs into a playing grid. Each player alternates turns inserting discs, with the goal of connecting four discs in a row (Vertically, horizontally or diagonally). The first player to connect four discs in a row wins the game.

What makes our Disc-Connect game unique is the concrete stand and all stainless-steel playing grid. Because concrete has a long service life, it conserves resources by reducing the need for reconstruction or maintenance due weathering, erosion, and natural disasters. The all stainless-steel playing grid is laser cut and bead blasted making it weather resistant and easy to maintain.


Shown above in our graphite finish, the concrete support structures for Disc-Connect – Outdoor Connect 4 game are available in a wide range of finishes.

Pictured here is a close up look at the different finishes available. >


Doty & Sons Concrete Products has been manufacturing quality concrete products since 1948. We manufacture a variety of styles of precast concrete waste receptacles, planters, benches, outdoor games and other products.

We provide high quality standard and customized products for both large and small projects. We also work with architects and designers to make custom items to fit the individual needs of their projects. Our centralized location assures reasonable shipping costs to all U.S. locations.

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