Founded in 1948, Doty & Sons Concrete Products provide high-quality concrete products. We manufacture a wide variety of concrete planters. Whether you’re looking for modern planters, contemporary planters or bench planters, we offer over 103 sizes of planters. Our wide selection of planters provides you with a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing container for shrubs, plants, and flowers for your commercial, streetscape, community, or residential space.

Our planters are resistant to weathering. We manufacture our planters to withstand the harshest environments. Concrete planters are made with a quality concrete mix, that meets ASTM standards. All are steel reinforced and cured for maximum strength and durability.

In high-traffic areas, our planters are a smart choice for multiple reasons. Because of their heavy design, it is difficult to move or tip over large concrete planters. Our heavy-duty planters also serve as security barriers/blockades for building, sidewalks and bridges. Planters are available with optional forklift pockets for use as temporary security during special events.