Doty & Sons Concrete products offers a large selection of concrete benches.  Contemporary style concrete benches have been popular of late.  Several years ago, Doty & Sons benches were specified on a plaza remodel project in Evanston, IL.  The building owner wanted to update the plaza area of their building.  The benches selected were square and rectangular style benches that are simple, but elegant in design.

Concrete benches
Rectangular and Square concrete benches shown in plaza.
Concrete benches
Wide angle photograph of plaza.

We have referred to this style as “Campus” style since developing the line in the 1990’s. It’s a simple, but modern design will fit in many landscape plans today.  Doty & Sons offers round, square and rectangular shapes in our Campus style designs. Campus style benches are offered in different widths and heights.  See the web site links below for sizes. 

Rectangular and Square concrete benches
Rectangular and square concrete benches.

On this project the architect selected both square and rectangle.  As you can see from the photographs, both fit nicely in the plaza area.  The architect grouped square benches together and placed rectangular benches at perimeter locations to accent the layout. 

Square concrete benches
Square concrete benches in plaza.
Closeup view of concrete bench.
Square bench shown closeup. The seat surface is polished smooth.

Custom colors and finishes.  The architect selected several special colors for the benches on this project.  The square benches B5636 benches were cast in C2 (off white) color and Kahlua (red brown) color.   The rectangular benches were cast in C2 off white color.  The benches were lightly sandblasted on the sides.  The tops are polished to a smooth comfortable finish.

Rectangular concrete bench
Rectangular concrete bench. Shown in C2 light sandblast sides with polished seat.

Doty & Sons offers a large selection of integral colored concrete options.  See the link below for color options.

As part of the project the architect contacted Doty & Sons about a custom bike rack for the project.  The architect wanted a concrete bike rack that blended with the benches.  He could not find anything on the internet that fit this design.  Doty & Sons manufactured a custom bike rack to blend in with the other furnishings on the project.  The custom bike block is 72” X 24” X 24” and has slots for six bikes.  On this project the blocks were placed end to end to accommodate 12 bikes.  

Custom concrete bike rack
Custom concrete bike rack.
Custom concrete bike rack/stand
Concrete bike rack.

Doty & Sons would be happy to provide information for your project.  Whether it’s something from our current selection of benches or custom we would like to help.  Call 800-233-3907 one of our sales associates will be glad to assist. 

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