Outdoor Classrooms by Doty and Sons

Doty & Sons recently manufactured and installed a total of 22 benches functioning as outdoor classrooms to Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville IL. Transforming a previously empty, unused space, into a beautiful outdoor learning experience was the challenge. We were able to deliver!

Campus benches (Product # B56962418) installed on previously unused patio space. Shown in graphite finish.


Creating a safe environment for students to learn in has become one of the many challenges brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic. A great way to do this is to create an area where students can enjoy their learning experience outdoors and at a safe distance.

At Doty & Sons we offer a variety of products for this type of project. Starting with the meticulous design of our products, through the casting and finishing process, our products provide beauty and functionality.


The staff at Neuqua Valley High School consulted with Doty & Sons to produce and install benches for their campus in Naperville IL. The vision was to transform an unused patio and lawn space, into a safe learning environment. Our sales team was able to provide a wide range of options for them.

Since our inception in 1948, we have been able to adapt to the ever changing design styles throughout the years. Because of this we were able to provide them with some unique options that highlight the art of concrete design, with the functionality they desired.


One of our most unique benches is our Scalene Triangle Bench. Originally designed as an architectural feature, this now can function as a bench for an outdoor classroom. The Neuqua Valley staff chose to install eight of these throughout their lawn area. This unique layout and design, provides an artistic, eloquent feel to their newly designed space. Their students are now able to enjoy the art of concrete design while also learning safely outdoors.

Campus benches (Product # B56962418) installed on previously unused patio space. Shown in graphite finish.