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Custom Concrete Benches, Fit Pit Seating, Concrete Bar/Grill at Logan Square L Apartments

Want to hang out with your neighbors in an old CTA train car? Want to cookout and share a craft beer or wine with friends at the concrete bar just up the steps from your apartment? Feel like telling stories around the fire on the second floor deck? Residents at the Logan Square L luxury apartments in Chicago ( can do all of the above after the completion of a project that Doty & Sons was proud to be a part of.


In March, we were contacted by a project manager from ARCO/Murray National Construction ( about designing and manufacturing custom products for an ambitious project. If we decided to accept this job, we would need to create custom forms for a bar/grilling area, a fire pit seating area, and multiple benches, including one 33 feet in length. Jobs of this scope typically require 10-12 weeks or more to plan and execute. These products were needed in 6 weeks.


When we received the official purchase order on March 22, Tom Doty and Matt Rotramel created a production schedule, started drawing the components in CAD, and ordered all of the necessary materials. By April 8, we shipped the first load of concrete benches. These benches were cast in sections then placed end to end, creating a continuous 33-foot-long bench.

Each section required anchoring angles and custom pipe fittings for water feature jets.

Custom made concrete bench

Custom made bench 33 feet long. Cast in sections.

Custom made concrete bench.

Custom bench. Shown with CTA train in background.

Concrete bench custom made.

Custom made concrete bench. Back view showing grilling area and bar in background.


The fire-pit seating area required four forms: one straight section, one 90 degree corner section, one angled section, and one “pointed end” section. An electrical component was necessary for the LED lighting that would be installed later.

Fit Pit Seating

Concrete Fit Pit Seating Area.

Concrete fire pit seating.

Custom made fire pit seating area.


The bar/grilling area included base pieces and the top sections. The shape created several challenges, requiring detailed CAD drawings of each piece. Some of the base pieces required electrical conduit for outlets. The top pieces included special sections for sinks, grills, and coolers. We were a bit concerned about the concrete countertops getting stained. Unless concrete is sealed properly, wine and acidic materials can easily stain the surface. We decided to seal the surface with a highly-recommended sealer manufactured by Versatile Building Products, PolyTop 50/50.

Outdoor concrete bar and grill.

Concrete Bar and Grill

Grill and sink

Grill and Sink shown at Logan Square L Apartments.

Outdoor grilling area.  Concrete counter top with

Outdoor grilling area. Concrete counter top with

For the north side seating area featured three benches of the same style, but in different lengths and heights. This variation in height created a unique look.

Custom made concrete benches.

Back view of north benches.


Custom made concrete benches.

Custom benches on north side or patio deck.

All of the pieces for this project were cast in Doty & Sons C2 finish, a light sandblast finish, limestone in color, that we seal with a non-gloss sealer.


For additional reading about this location and project follow these links:


About the CTA train car being craned onto the rooftop:


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CTA train at Logan Square L apartments.

CTA train on second floor outdoor patio deck at Logan Square L Apartments.

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Outdoor Concrete Ping Pong/Tennis Table with steel base.

Doty & Sons has introduced a new concrete ping pong/tennis table to their product line. This table, Item T1086035, has a concrete top with a heavy duty steel frame.

The table features a 4″ thick regulation size table top.  This top is 33% thicker than most tables on the market.  The top is polished and sealed with two coats of concrete sealer.  For added protection we top coat the table is Anti-graffiti sealer by Coval  This is one of best anti-graffiti sealers on the market today.  The outside edges are chamfered to eliminate a sharp edge.  Another feature that sets this table apart from others, is the heavy duty stainless steel net.  The net is 1/4″ thick and 10″ tall.  4″ is “sandwiched between the table tops section.  6″ is above, which is regulation height.  For added support we add stainless steel gusseted end supports.  The net is assembled with stainless steel tamper resistant hardware.

The steel base is 72″ X 48″ X 26″ H. made with steel I-Beam construction.  This is heavy duty!  The base is powder coated in a 2 step process.  The first coat is a zinc rich base coat.  The base is finished coated with your choice of many colors.  The frame is assembled the 1” diameter stainless steel bolts.

Concrete Ping Pong Table

Concrete Ping Pong Table with heavy duty metal frame.

Outdoor Table Tennis

Outdoor Ping Pong Table with metal frame. Side view.

Outdoor ping pong table with metal frame.

Close up view of metal frame.

Concrete/Steel outdoor ping pong table.

Close up view showing concrete top, frame and net.

Steel mounting plate for Doty & Sons new concrete/steel ping pong table.

View of mounting plates.

Stainless steel ping pong net.

Close up view showing the stainless steel net “sandwiched” between the table top sections. Note the gusset end was removed for illustration purposes.

Heavy Duty outdoor concrete/steel tennis table

T1086035 Concrete/steel ping pong table right side view.

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Concrete tables for employee break area patio.

In July 2016, we shipped tables and cigarette disposal containers to Gestamp’s production plant in Union, South Carolina. The tables, Item T7400, are being used for an outdoor break area for the company’s employees. The T7400 is the “Morrison Style” table set.  The tables feature a polished table top with stainless steel umbrella coupler and holder for umbrellas.  The “Morrison Style” is a tradition style that features indented side panels, dentiles and molded bottom edge.  Gestamp chose the C2 finish, which is a limestone color light sandblast finish.  The accompanying photographs display how well the products fit the space. “We are very pleased with our purchase,” remarked Henry Watkins of Gestamp.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of concrete tables and table sets. Go to tables on our web site to view your options. Web site link:

We ship to all points in the United States.  Our centralized location, in Illinois, allows us to ship to most locations at reasonable rates.

Concrete tables for employee break area.

Table sets. Morrison Style Item No.T7400.

Concrete table for employee patio break area.

Concrete table set shown on patio at Gestamp, Inc.
Union, SC.

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