Outdoor Concrete Ping Pong/Tennis Table with steel base.

Doty & Sons has introduced a new concrete ping pong/tennis table to their product line. This table, Item T1086035, has a concrete top with a heavy duty steel frame.

Outdoor Ping Pong Table with metal frame. Side view.

Products and Highlights

The table features a 4″ thick regulation size table top.  This top is 33% thicker than most tables on the market.  The top is polished and sealed with two coats of concrete sealer.  For added protection we top coat the table is Anti-graffiti sealer by Coval http://covalmolecular.com/products/coval-graffiti/.  This is one of best anti-graffiti sealers on the market today.  The outside edges are chamfered to eliminate a sharp edge.  Another feature that sets this table apart from others, is the heavy duty stainless steel net.  The net is 1/4″ thick and 10″ tall.  4″ is “sandwiched between the table tops section.  6” is above, which is regulation height.  For added support we add stainless steel gusseted end supports.  The net is assembled with stainless steel tamper resistant hardware.

The steel base is 72″ X 48″ X 26″ H. made with steel I-Beam construction.  This is heavy duty!  The base is powder coated in a 2 step process.  The first coat is a zinc rich base coat.  The base is finished coated with your choice of many colors.  The frame is assembled the 1″ diameter stainless steel bolts.