Concrete tables for employee break area patio.

Concrete table sets. Morrison Style Item No.T7400. Shown on patio at Gestamp, Inc. Union, SC.

Products and Highlights

In July 2016, we shipped tables and cigarette disposal containers to Gestamp’s production plant in Union, South Carolina. The tables, Item T7400, are being used for an outdoor break area for the company’s employees. The T7400 is the “Morrison Style” table set.  The tables feature a polished table top with stainless steel umbrella coupler and holder for umbrellas.  The “Morrison Style” is a tradition style that features indented side panels, dentiles and molded bottom edge.  Gestamp chose the C2 finish, which is a limestone color light sandblast finish.  The accompanying photographs display how well the products fit the space. “We are very pleased with our purchase,” remarked Henry Watkins of Gestamp.

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