Jeep drives on top of Ping pong table

Last fall we wanted to demonstrate the strength of our concrete ping pong table.  We’ve designed our table with one of the strongest nets on the market today.  This posed a problem.  How do we inform other’s about the strength besides just saying “it’s strong”?  So….we decided to drive a Jeep Cherokee over the table.  We placed two tables side by side and built ramps on each side. We drove the Jeep over the table several times each time stopping with either the front or back tire on top of the net. We video taped this and posted the video on You Tube. This is the link to the video.

Now this is not a professionally edited video, but it shows how strong the net is.

So what did we prove?  Our customers want products that will withstand everyday use, the outdoor elements and sometimes abuse (vandalism).  Our goal is to provide such a product.  We think we did.