Custom Concrete Stone Shaped Benches

At Doty & Sons we manufacture a complete line of concrete benches and other site furniture. We work with architects and designers on custom products. Sometimes we are asked to create odd shaped products. Products that are a little out of the norm. Last year we were asked by a landscape architect if we could make benches that looked like smooth stones. Something you find on a beach, but much larger. The benches were for an outdoor classroom project at an elementary school. We were asked to create three stones of different shapes and sizes. The challenge was, what type of form would be used to make the shapes. We decided that a combination rubber and fiberglass forms would create the smooth, irregular surface without form lines. The “stone” benches are shown here. The large stone (shown in back) is 52″ x 24″ X 10″, weighs 932 lbs. and cast in Kahlua color. The medium stone (front) is 41″ X 14″ X 9″, weighs 305 lbs and cast in Mesa buff color. The small stone (center) is 18″ x 19″ x 13″, weighs 352 lbs and cast in French gray color. All the stones were sealed with a semi-gloss water based sealer.