Custom Concrete Benches

Custom made concrete bench. Chamfered top edge. Custom skateboard deterrent grooves cast in the seat.

Custom made benches for the St Charles Public Library

In 2021 Doty & Sons manufactured custom benches for St. Charles Public Library.

The library was completely renovated including the entrance and walkway areas. Doty and Sons was contracted to supply custom designed benches to enhance the beauty and provide functionality along these areas.

The benches feature a chamfered top edge and custom skateboard deterrent grooves cast in the top of each bench.  Several benches included a 4 ft. IPE lumber seat with back attached to one end. The benches measure 96” x 24” x 17” with a small toe kick at the bottom.  

Doty & Sons manufactures a complete line of concrete benches.  In many cases, one of our standard benches will work well in your setting. If our standard benches do not fit your needs, we have the expertise and equipment to provide custom options. Call or e-mail for your custom design quote today.