Noble Funk Brewery – Doty Site Furnishings

Prior to their official opening in the spring of 2022, the team at Noble Funk Brewery needed to ensure their outdoor space was ready to match the decadent indoor facility they were opening for their customers. Completed in the fall of 2021, Noble Funk Brewery added a wide variety of our site furnishings to the exterior of their brewery to ensure they met this goal.

Aerial view of Doty Site Furnishing at Noble Funk Brewery in Louisville, KY

Products and Highlights

This project highlights the diverse line of products we offer customers and projects. Included on this project are planters, benches, litter receptacles, table sets and a ping pong table.

The design of the project mix and matches our rectangular planter sizes in different groupings and uses them in different areas as either partitions or guides.

Mixing and matching the two different style benches, the layout has the rectangular benches grouped near the planters while the round benches are located near the lawn area.

Of course you cannot forget the beautiful ping pong table. This will get tons of play with a cold beverage in hand. Couple that with a putting green and you have a great interactive lawn area.

It’s a well designed, functional space that allows its patrons to enjoy their time outside.


Using a variety of Doty products allowed Noble Funk Brewery to have a sole supplier for it’s outdoor furnishings. Combining a unique blend of our products allows for a fun, beautiful and functional space. Immediate feedback after installation was positive as the outdoor elements provide a welcoming continuity with the beautiful indoor space.

“We could not be more pleased with the products we ordered from you. The planters now have plants and everything looks spectacular.”

– Noble Funk Brewery Managing Partner upon installation completion in Fall of 2021

Products Used