Memorial Plaque Base

Item #: MB2232

Finish Shown: EX1 (special order) with ACR3 Semi-Gloss Sealer

Size: 22” Square
Back height: 36”
Front height: 32”

18″ x 18″ Bronze Plaque installed. Maximum Plaque size: 18” x 18”.

1320 lbs.

Standard Finishes

Thumbnails showing our standard sandblast finishes

Special Finishes

Thumbnails showing our special sandblast finishes

Exposed finishes available by special order.

We offer other special colors not shown here. Please call or email for more complete information.

Two coats of commercial sealer is applied to the product. 

Choice of sealers include:
Gloss Acrylic (ACR1), Non-gloss (ACR2), Semi-gloss (ACR3) and Graffiti Non-gloss (ACR4)

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