Lobby Bench w/ 15-1/2″ Wide Seat

Item #: B4610, B4611, B4640, B4641, B4650, B4660, B4661

Finish Shown: EX1 (Exposed Aggregate Tan Blend Pea Gravel) with Gray Color Lumber (shown with optional security screws)

Legs 15-1/2″ Wide x 6″ Deep x 17″ H
4 boards on seat


B4640 – 40″ – 266 lbs
B4650 – 60″ – 289 lbs
B4660 – 72″ – 419 lbs
B4610 – 120″ – 456 lbs


B4641 – 40″ – 262 lbs
B4661 – 72″ – 402 lbs (shown)
B4611 – 120″ – 550 lbs

Standard Finishes

Thumbnails showing our standard exposed aggregate finishes
Thumbnails showing our standard sandblast finishes

Special Finishes

Thumbnails showing our special exposed aggregate finishes
Thumbnails showing our special sandblast finishes

We offer other special colors not shown here. Please call or email for more complete information.

Two coats of commercial sealer is applied to the product. 

Choice of sealers include:
Gloss Acrylic (ACR1), Non-gloss (ACR2), Semi-gloss (ACR3) and Graffiti Non-gloss (ACR4)

Recycled Plastic:

Cedar (RPL1) Above Left
Dark Teak (RPL5) Above Center
Gray (RPL3) Above Right

Other colors available by special order

Ipe (ee’pay) Natural Lumber:

A hardwood, which is extremely durable. It resists rot and insect infestation.

It is an exceptional wood, well suited for benches and other site furnishing applications. The lumber is sealed with a clear sealer. It weathers to a silver-gray color.

2 x 4 in specified lengths as per item.

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