Product Description




B4150 – 2 legs  5 ft 294 lbs
B4160 – 2 legs 6 ft 310 lbs
B4120 – 3 legs 12 ft 515 lbs
Standard Finishes Available

Standard EX (Exposed Aggregate) Finishes
ex1-small ex2-small

Standard SB (Sandblast) Finishes
sb1-small sb6-small sb7-small

We offer other special colors not shown here. Please call or email for more complete information.

IPE Lumber Info

Ipe (ee’pay)
Lumber size: 2 x 4 in specified lengths as per item.
Ipe (ee’pay) Natural Lumber: a hardwood, which is extremely durable. It resists rot and insect infestation.
It is an exceptional wood, well suited for benches and other site furnishing applications. The lumber is sealed with a clear sealer. It weathers to a silver-gray color.


EX1 (Exposed Aggregate Tan Blend Pea Gravel)