Contrast Sandblast Stenciling

Doty & Sons Concrete Products has added a new stencil cutter and now has the ability to create your custom-designed sandblasting stencils in-house, including contrast sandblast stenciling. (See stenciling examples below.) We can sandblast your logo, design, or virtually anything into our concrete products by using a contrast sandblasting process. Your stencil is blasted into the concrete surface with our sandblaster, then stained using a commercial grade concrete stain.

Negative Contrast Sandblasting (NCS)

When the logo or lettering is sandblasted or etched into the concrete then stained the chosen color.

Samples of NCS:v

Applied Logo

This process involves a logo or lettering being applied directly to a smooth surface.

Samples of applied logo:

Positive Contrast Sandblasting (PCS)

When the stain is applied first and the area surrounding the lettering or logo is blasted away.

Samples of PCS: