A.E.R.O. Special Education Cooperative

The A.E.R.O. Special Education Cooperative is a group of school districts that pool resources to expand accessibility for children with disabilities to special education programs and services.

Recently expanding to a new building in Burbank, the facility included two inner courtyards. Replicating our Socratic Bench design, the inner courtyards at A.E.R.O. Special Education Cooperative used custom benches to match existing arches within their design.

Product Design and Customization

A.E.R.O. and the project Architect chose our Socratic Bench (B5921) as the basis of design for this project. Unfortunately our existing bench did not fit the design of the inner courtyards.

Working with the contractor and the architect we were able to provide drawings to meet specifications for both courtyards.

To match each location required multiple benches with different arches.

East and West Courtyards

Precise form work was imperative to ensure we matched the existing arch design elements on site. Overhead views of the courtyards shown below, display how well the arches align.


We are proud to be able to be a part of this project that supports children with disabilities.

Thank you to our partners below who helped make this project possible.

Hitchcock Design Group – Architect

Landworks Limited – Contractor

IHC Construction Companies – General Contractor

Products Used