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Outdoor Classrooms by Doty and Sons

Doty & Sons recently manufactured and installed a total of 22 benches functioning as outdoor classrooms to Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville IL. Transforming a previously empty, unused space, into a beautiful outdoor learning experience was the challenge. We were able to deliver!

The Challenge

Creating a safe environment for students to learn in has become one of the many challenges brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic. A great way to do this is to create an area where students can enjoy their learning experience outdoors and at a safe distance.

At Doty & Sons we offer a variety of products for this type of project. Starting with the meticulous design of our products, through the casting and finishing process, our products provide beauty and functionality.

Vision and Design

The staff at Neuqua Valley High School consulted with Doty & Sons to produce and install benches for their campus in Naperville IL. The vision was to transform an unused patio and lawn space, into a safe learning environment. Our sales team was able to provide a wide range of options for them.

Since our inception in 1948, we have been able to adapt to the ever changing design styles throughout the years. Because of this we were able to provide them with some unique options that highlight the art of concrete design, with the functionality they desired.

Products Used

One of our most unique benches is our Scalene Triangle Bench. Originally designed as an architectural feature, this now can function as a bench for an outdoor classroom. The Neuqua Valley staff chose to install eight of these throughout their lawn area. This unique layout and design, provides an artistic, eloquent feel to their newly designed space. Their students are now able to enjoy the art of concrete design while also learning safely outdoors.

Filling and organizing a large space was the challenge associated with the patio design and installation. Our large campus benches were just the item to complete this task. At 96 inches long and 18 inches high, these 1800 pound benches are big and beautiful! Shown surrounding our round campus bench, this set is durable and low maintenance.

In order to diversify the design, our team recommended the installation of three Socratic Benches setup on one end of the patio. Surrounding the round campus bench again, these curved benches highlight the diverse product line we create and offer at Doty & Sons.

The Result

Starting as the sun began to rise at 06:00 AM, our installation team was able to begin the transformation. Shown below prior to installation, the existing space was a bit bare and needed some updating.

By 12:00 PM our team had completed installation of 22 benches throughout the patio and lawn areas. Set to exact specifications from the Neuqua Valley team, these areas now house 5 outdoor learning spaces.

The diverse products we offered and installed, accentuate the unique options, durability and beauty that concrete can offer. Consultation upon completion with the Neuqua Valley team was a huge success. They loved the unique design and space transformation. We all agreed that these would be a fixture on their campus for many years to come.

You can explore all of our bench designs and outdoor classroom options on our main website and specific product details using the links below. We can’t wait for our next challenge!

Outdoor Classroom Desk & Seat – Doty Concrete

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Home – Doty Concrete

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DISC-CONNECT – Permanent Outdoor Concrete Connect 4 Discs Game

Connect 4
Disc-Connect game shown on precast concrete base.


Doty & Sons is excited to announce the newest addition to our Outdoor Concrete Games line of products, Disc-Connect!

Disc Connect is a permanent, outdoor concrete version of Connect 4. Constructed of concrete supports and an all stainless-steel playing grid. This new product is made to stay, made to play and, most importantly, made to have fun!

Disc Connect, Connect 4 game is fun for all ages.


This new product includes two concrete support structures, one concrete disc catcher, one preassembled stainless-steel playing grid and 42 playing discs. Disc decaling is also available with your company or organization’s logo.

The preassemble playing grid is laser cut and bead blasted for precision and weather resistance. Featured at the bottom of the grid, is a sliding release bar that easily slides to release discs when game is complete. The discs are released into a concrete “collection block” that captures most of the discs.

The easy slide “release bar” makes is easy to start a new game.
Permanent Connect 4 game
Slide the release bar left or right to release the disc and start a new game.

The playing grid is secured together with tamper resistant security bolts. Tamper resistant screws are also included in the assembly hardware for installing the panel to the concrete supports (Tamper resistant tool included for assembly).

Stainless angles secure the game to concrete end supports. Security screws prevent unwanted disassembly.

Also available for purchase is a reinforced concrete base with cast in inserts for securing to the base.


Cities, park districts, apartment complexes, and universities across the country know that well-utilized recreation space boosts social ties and reduces crime. Until now, the challenge was to find affordable, low-maintenance outdoor games that appeal to a wide range of ages and require minimal upkeep.

Doty & Sons is offering a solution by introducing the Disc Connect game to its line of permanent, outdoor recreation products. Disc Connect is played by inserting discs into a playing grid. Each player alternates turns inserting discs, with the goal of connecting four discs in a row (Vertically, horizontally or diagonally). The first player to connect four discs in a row wins the game.

What makes our Disc-Connect game unique is the concrete stand and all stainless-steel playing grid. Because concrete has a long service life, it conserves resources by reducing the need for reconstruction or maintenance due weathering, erosion, and natural disasters. The all stainless-steel playing grid is laser cut and bead blasted making it weather resistant and easy to maintain.


Shown above in our graphite finish, the concrete support structures for Disc-Connect – Outdoor Connect 4 game are available in a wide range of finishes.

Pictured below is a close up look at the different finishes available.


Doty & Sons Concrete Products has been manufacturing quality concrete products since 1948. We manufacture a variety of styles of precast concrete waste receptacles, planters, benches, outdoor games and other products.

We provide high quality standard and customized products for both large and small projects. We also work with architects and designers to make custom items to fit the individual needs of their projects. Our centralized location assures reasonable shipping costs to all U.S. locations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide the product(s) you need.

See our complete line of outdoor concrete games using the links below.

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Contemporary Concrete Benches and Custom Concrete Bike Rack

Doty & Sons Concrete products offers a large selection of concrete benches.  Contemporary style concrete benches have been popular of late.  Several years ago, Doty & Sons benches were specified on a plaza remodel project in Evanston, IL.  The building owner wanted to update the plaza area of their building.  The benches selected were square and rectangular style benches that are simple, but elegant in design.

Concrete benches
Rectangular and Square concrete benches shown in plaza.
Concrete benches
Wide angle photograph of plaza.

We have referred to this style as “Campus” style since developing the line in the 1990’s. It’s a simple, but modern design will fit in many landscape plans today.  Doty & Sons offers round, square and rectangular shapes in our Campus style designs. Campus style benches are offered in different widths and heights.  See the web site links below for sizes. 

Rectangular and Square concrete benches
Rectangular and square concrete benches.

On this project the architect selected both square and rectangle.  As you can see from the photographs, both fit nicely in the plaza area.  The architect grouped square benches together and placed rectangular benches at perimeter locations to accent the layout. 

Square concrete benches
Square concrete benches in plaza.
Closeup view of concrete bench.
Square bench shown closeup. The seat surface is polished smooth.

Custom colors and finishes.  The architect selected several special colors for the benches on this project.  The square benches B5636 benches were cast in C2 (off white) color and Kahlua (red brown) color.   The rectangular benches were cast in C2 off white color.  The benches were lightly sandblasted on the sides.  The tops are polished to a smooth comfortable finish.

Rectangular concrete bench
Rectangular concrete bench. Shown in C2 light sandblast sides with polished seat.

Doty & Sons offers a large selection of integral colored concrete options.  See the link below for color options.

As part of the project the architect contacted Doty & Sons about a custom bike rack for the project.  The architect wanted a concrete bike rack that blended with the benches.  He could not find anything on the internet that fit this design.  Doty & Sons manufactured a custom bike rack to blend in with the other furnishings on the project.  The custom bike block is 72” X 24” X 24” and has slots for six bikes.  On this project the blocks were placed end to end to accommodate 12 bikes.  

Custom concrete bike rack
Custom concrete bike rack.
Custom concrete bike rack/stand
Concrete bike rack.

Doty & Sons would be happy to provide information for your project.  Whether it’s something from our current selection of benches or custom we would like to help.  Call 800-233-3907 one of our sales associates will be glad to assist. 

Link to Square campus style benches:

Link to Round campus style benches:

Link to Rectangular campus style benches:

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Outdoor Concrete and Steel Table Tennis/ Ping pong Table

Doty & Sons manufactures four styles of outdoor concrete table tennis/ping pong tables. One popular style is Item number T1086035 concrete and steel table tennis/ping pong table.  Customers demand quality, durability and low maintenance. This table meets that demand.

This table features our standard tabletop with a heavy duty steel I-beam frame.   The standard color for the steel frame is powder coated black.  Last year we received a call from a municipality requesting a special color frame.  They were looking to accent the frame in a blue color.  They also requested having the stainless steel net powder coated white.  Doty & Sons ships outdoor concrete and steel table tennis/ping pong tables to all points in the United States.  Our Midwest location allows us to ship products at very reasonable rates.   This customer was local, so we were able to delivery and install the table on site.  Included are photographs we took during the assembly process and of the finished table. 

Shows the main support frame for ping pong table T1086035
I-Beam Frame shown assembled
Ping pong table assembly
Assembling the tabletop number 1 to frame.
Stainless steel net secured to tabletop
Assembling the stainless steel net to the tabletop.
Assembling the second tabletop.
Assembling the second tabletop.

As evident from the photograph the steel I-beam frame is heavy duty and is made to last a lifetime.  See link below showing a video we made driving a Jeep over a table.  The frame is double powder coated by a local company.  They start by sandblasting the frame.  The frame is powder coated with a special zinc primer.  The frame is then finish coated black, or in this case in a special blue color. 

The stainless steel net that is standard on all styles is 1/4” Thick and 10” high. As shown in this photograph the net is attached to tabletop with stainless steel bolts.

The second tabletop is installed “sandwiching” the net between the tops.  We feel that this is the strongest method to secure the net.  This is the strongest net made by any manufacturer of outdoor table tennis/ping pong tables.  Stainless steel gussets are added for additional strength and durability.   

Net signage
Stainless steel net with Aluminum net sign adds color and allows for detailed logos.
Stainless steel support gusset
Stainless steel support Gussets add support to the ping pong table net.

            The concrete tops of all Doty & Sons outdoor concrete ping pong tables are reinforced with both steel and fiber reinforcing.  The tabletops polished and then sealed to a beautiful satin finish.  We use commercial grade concrete sealers.  The first coat is a non-gloss sealer.  The second coat is commercial grade anti-graffiti sealer.  See video link below. 

Custom outdoor concrete and steel ping pong table
Table tennis/ping pong table T1086035 shown assembled.
Table tennis played outdoors.
Playing table tennis or ping pong is fun! Play outdoors!
Playing ping pong is fun!
Table tennis whether it’s in a public space or at corporate setting helps people unwind and enjoy themselves.

Doty & Sons has tested the tabletop for bounce.  Our tests indicate that the table meets the ITTF standards for bounce. 

You Tube video link:

Call or email if you would like more information about this product or any of the other outdoor game product manufactured by Doty & Sons.  Visit our outdoor games website:

Other outdoor games:  Concrete cornhole boards, Ladder Toss (ladder golf), concrete foosball tables, concrete chess, checkers, backgammon and dominoes tables. 

Driving a Jeep Cherokee over a ping pong table video:

Graffiti Removal from ping pong table top:

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Custom outdoor classroom teaching circle

Doty & Sons manufactures a standard line of concrete products, but also manufactures custom products for clients.  Our custom division manufactures custom products that ship nationwide.  Past projects have included custom benches, bike racks, security bollards and planters.    This year Doty & Son’s quoted a project for a school in Chicago. This project included an outdoor classroom teaching circle.   This bench would allow outdoor learning and teachers the opportunity to enhance the learning experience outside the classroom. 

Outdoor classroom teaching circle.

The bench is 21 foot outside diameter and 12.33 foot inside diameter.  The bench is designed with an additional bench on top.  The top bench is 18 foot outside diameter and 15.5 foot inside diameter. 

Photograph showing custom bench.
Teaching circle at school in Chicago

Doty & Sons submitted drawings and samples for owner and architect review and approval.

The bench was cast in 13 bottom sections and 13 top bench sections.  Challenges included manufacturing the bottom sections with slope in two directions.  This included a flat center area (not sloped) for the top bench section to rest.  The bench was designed for ADA access.  This created additional challenges since the design would have extremely sharp angles on the end sections.  

Close up view of bench. Bench is 21 foot outside diameter and 12.33 foot inside diameter.

Polystyrene foam was used to help reduce weight in bottom sections.   The seat surface was polished and sides lightly sandblasted.  The seams were caulked on site after installation.

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Concrete Foosball Table

Concrete Foosball Table with stainless steel rods.  Colored playing field.

Foosball table shown in Kahlua color.

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. has been manufacturing quality precast concrete products since 1948.  One of many product lines are outdoor games for permanent outdoor use.  This product line includes: Ping pong/table tennis, Cornhole (B.Y.O.Bags),  Ladder Toss and Game tables.  This year, we are introducing a concrete Foosball Table to our line of outdoor products.  We have studied similar products on the market today and have added features what we feel are important for a better product.    Owners, Sam and Tom Doty were also avid foosball players (before children) and know how the game is played.  You will like this table!

Features include:

  1. Reinforced concrete table and legs with light sandblast finish.  Available in standard gray color.  Special colors also available.
  2. UHPC ultra high performance concrete field. Pigmented color green or charcoal
  3. Stainless steel rods, 316 stainless
  4. Table and field sealed with graffiti resistant sealer.  
  5. Stenciled playing field lines (goal box, penalty box and center line)
  6. Heavy duty I-Beam support construction. I-beam is powder coated twice for added protection.
  7. Center hole ball drop
  8. Optional stainless steel scorekeepers
  9. Easy access ball drop areas at ends
  10. Stainless steel table levelers
  11. Foosball men secured with stainless steel security screws
  12. Stainless steel anchor kits for permanently securing table
  13. Sloped corner goal area for 1 man goal table.   Optional flat field goalie area for 3 man goal table. 

Stainless steel rods standard. Corrosion resistant 316 stainless

UHPC concrete floor. Sealed with graffiti sealer matte finish.
Stenciled center liner for a professional look.

Stenciled goal box and penalty area standard.  Sloped corners for 1 man goalie.  Flat field/3 man goalie option available.

Powder coated I-Beam support frame.

Stainless steel scorekeeper optional

Center ball drop standard

Stainless steel levelers standard


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Concrete Ping Pong – Table Tennis with Curved Concrete Legs

Doty & Sons has introduced a new style ping pong table with stylish curved concrete legs. This table, Item number T1086050, is the fourth style ping pong table now manufactured by Doty & Sons. This table includes many of the same features of the other ping pong tables.

Features include:

  1. Regulation size table top 108″ x 60″ x 30″ High
  2. Table top thickness 4″
  3. Heavy Duty Reinforced Concrete
  4. Polished playing surface.
  5. Table top sealed with 2 coats of concrete sealer.
  6. Top coated with anti-graffiti sealer.
  7. Chamfered edges
  8. Heavy duty 4″ I-Beam Support system. I-Beam is powder coated.
  9. Stainless steel net and gussets. Strongest net on the market today. See Jeep drives over ping pong tables:
  10. Stainless Steel security hardware.
  11. Custom logos and signage available.
  12. Optional accent panel available in stainless steel and IPE
Concrete ping pong table
Concrete table tennis Item T1086050 shown with special graphite table top and white legs. Stainless steel net is standard.
Concrete ping pong table with stainless steel net
Table Tennis/Ping Pong Table Item T1086050 Shown with special graphite color table top and white legs. Shown with optional stainless steel side panel.
Concrete Table Tennis
Concrete ping pong table. Item T1086050 with stylish curved legs. Shown with special graphite color table top and white legs. Optional IPE wood accent panel shown. Stainless steel net standard.

Doty & Sons makes a complete line of outdoor game products. Other outdoor game products include: concrete cornhole boards B.Y.O.Bags, Ladder Toss, Game Tablesand coming soon a Foosball Table.

Doty & Sons has been manufacturing quality concrete products since 1948. Call today if you would like information and pricing for any of our outdoor game products. We also manufacture a complete line of concrete site furnishings. Other products include: litter and recycling containers, benches, tables and table sets, planters and security bollards.

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Permanent Ladder Toss Game

Made to Stay! Made to Play!

Ladder Toss with concrete supports
Permanent Ladder Toss

First Permanent Ladder Toss Game

Research indicates that time spent outdoors can improve a person’s health and happiness. Parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, and beach recreation areas are designed to keep people physically and socially active. The benefits of participating in fun, outdoor games extend beyond improved personal well-being. They have a positive impact on the community, too.

Great for Parks or any recreation area.

Cities, park districts, apartment complexes, and universities across the country know that well-utilized recreation space boosts social ties and reduces crime. Until now, the challenge was to find affordable, low-maintenance outdoor games that appeal to a wide range of ages and require minimal upkeep.

Doty & Sons is offering a solution by introducing B.Y.O. Ladder Toss game to its line of permanent, outdoor recreation products. Ladder toss is played by throwing bolas, two balls connected by a rope, from 15 feet away onto a freestanding, three-rung ladder. Point values are assigned to each rung and the first player or team to reach 21 points without going over is the winner.

What makes the B.Y.O Ladder Toss game unique is the concrete stand. Because concrete has a long service life, it conserves resources by reducing the need for reconstruction, and resists weathering, erosion, and natural disasters. Few repairs and little maintenance will ever be needed.

Available in two styles

B.Y.O. Ladder toss is available in two styles, detailed as follows:

Item LT4232 has concrete ends with steel rungs.  Concrete is reinforced and available in standard and special pigmented colors.

Permanent with Concrete Stand
Ladder Toss Game for outdoor fun.

The rungs are made of solid, 1” steel bars that are powder coated twice for extra protection against the elements. The bars are secured to the stands with stainless steel security bolts and additional colors are available upon request.

All Steel Ladder Toss with an industrial look.

Item LTS4232 is all steel.  The All steel model is heavy duty I beam construction.

Ladder Toss all steel
Permanent All Steel Ladder Toss

The steel is powder coated twice for extra protection against the elements.   Standard color is black. 

Rungs are available in many colors by special order.  Standard color is silver gun metal. 

Ladder Toss will make a great addition to any park, apartment complex, campground, resort or beach recreation area. 

Ladder Toss can be purchased as follows:

  1. Stands with rungs.  For customers who have existing concrete pads. 
  2. Ladder Stand with Base   The precast base and stand can be installed same day without need to mix concrete. 
  3. Ladder Stand with Base & Throwers Blocks.  Precast throwers block makes a nice set and prevents wear spots in the lawn.
Permanent outdoor Ladder Toss
Ladder Toss Stands shown near a park shelter.

For more information about Doty & Sons and their extensive product line, go to

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Security planters for schools

Concrete planters and bollards are great for adding security to any building,  including schools.  Whether by accident or intentional it is possible for vehicles to crash into schools.  Concrete security planters and bollards are great for adding security and be decorative at the same time.

Doty & Sons manufactures a complete line of decorative and security planters. We also manufacture a complete line of  security bollards, both permanent or movable, set on top of existing concrete.

Last year Doty & Sons was contacted by officials from Adlai Stevenson High School District 125, located in Lincolnshire, IL.   They inquired about purchasing planters and bollards for the school. They were concerned about vehicle security at the school. Several areas on the school campus were not secure, vehicles could possibly run into the building.  School officials wanted something nice looking, but also large and heavy enough to stop a car from running into the building.  After looking through our catalog and web site they decided on purchasing concrete bollards and planters for the campus.   The security planter size they selected was 72” X 24”x 30” high, Item P722430.  As per their request, Doty & Sons made special custom caps for the planters.  The caps added height and a decorative element to the planters.

Bollards selected were 16” square x 36” high, Item number B161636. Other items purchased were concrete litter and recycling receptacles LR2142 and sign post blocks.

Doty & Sons manufactures a complete line of litter and recycling containers, tables and table sets, benches and outdoor game products. Call toll free 800-233-3907 to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff. We will be glad to help answer any question you may have. Photographs show the building after installation. The bollards purchased were installed at other entrances on campus.


Concrete planters

Rectangular planters with custom caps.

Concrete litter receptacles and planters

Concrete Litter and recycling containers with rectangular planter with cap.

Security Planters

Security planters at Adlai Stevenson High School

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Concrete ping pong/tennis table. Outdoor fun!

Playing ping pong is fun indoors, but now can be played outdoors!  Whether at a park, apartment recreation area, water park or any outdoor location, playing ping pong is fun!  Grab your paddle and ball, go and play.

Doty & Sons has introduced a new style ping pong/table tennis to it’s line of outdoor game products.  Ping pong table, Item T1086045 features as stylish leg design and heavy duty I beam supports. Doty & Sons manufactures ping pong tables that include the following features:

1. Regulation size table top
2. Heavy Duty reinforced concrete 
3. Polished playing surface
4.  4″ Thick top, bolted to the base, that is 33% thicker than most on the market. 
5.  A  1/4″ thick stainless steel net, sandwiched between the top tops.  Gusseted end supports.  No maintenance.  Strong!
6. Stainless steel net will not require maintenance in the future.  
7. Sealed with 2 coats of concrete sealer. 
8. Table top sealed with one of the best anti-graffiti sealers on the market.  
9. Lifting tools provided to make assembly easier.
10. Contrast sandblast name and/or logos available.  Dedication plaques available. 
11.  Available in standard and special colors.
Our mission is to make superior products at reasonable prices,  without sacrificing quality. 
This table is a new addition to Doty & Sons Concrete Products line of outdoor games.
We now offer three styles of ping pong tables.
Other game products include:  our popular concrete cornhole boards, B.Y.O.Bags.  Outdoor game tables include: checkers, chess, and backgammon.
We will be introducing a dominos table and foosball table soon!  Call for more information.

Polish table top with stainless steel net standard

Heavy duty stainless net.
The strongest on the market today. Regulation height (6″)  additional 4″ sandwiched between the table tops. Heavy duty gussets add strength.

Table available in different colors.  
Table shown with graphite color legs and french gray color table top.

Outdoor game products

Heavy Duty ping pong/tennis table with heavy duty I-beam supports.

Ping pong table with stainless steel net

Add a wood accent to each side for a classic look. Shown with IPE lumber accent panel. French Gray color table top with SB11 (granite aggregate, sandblasted finish)  legs shown.

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