Product Description

Planters Spec Sheet (PDF)




Rectangular Sizes (Image 1)
Cap Size: 48″ L x 30″ 4″ Thick
Planter: 36″ L x 18″ W x 18″ H

48″ x 30″ x 20″ H PB483020OC 866 lbs

Square Sizes (Images 2 & 3)
Cap Size: 36″ Sq. x 4″ Thick
Planter: 24″ Sq. x 16″ H

36″ Sq. x 18″ H PB363618OC & PB363618C 765 lbs

Larger Square Sizes (Image 4) – Available in Exposed Aggregate Finishes
Cap Size: 48″ Sq. x 3″ Thick
Planter: 36″ Sq. x 18″ H

48″ x 48″ x 21″ H PB484821 1236 lbs
Standard Finishes Available

Standard EX (Exposed Aggregate) Finishes
ex1-small ex2-small

Standard SB (Sandblast) Finishes
sb1-small sb6-small sb7-small

Special Finishes Available by Special Order

Special EX (Exposed Aggregate) Finishes
ex3-small ex8-small ex11-small ex1rg-small ex2rg-small

Special SB (Sandblast) Finishes
sb2-small sb3-small sb4-small sb5-small sb8-small sb9-small sb10-small c2-small sb11-small french-gray-small kahlua-small graphite-small
We offer other special colors not shown here. Please call or email for more complete information.

Sealers Available

Two coats of commercial sealer is applied to the product. Choice of sealers include:
Gloss Acrylic (ACR1), Non-gloss (ACR2), Semi-gloss (ACR3) and Graffiti Non-gloss (ACR4)

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Images 1-3: Kahlua color light sandblast finish
Image 4: SB6 natural light sandblast cap and EX1 exposed aggregate planter